Train to Busan Review

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Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie thriller that came out in 2016. It follows a Dad and his daughter as they try and survive a zombie outbreak on a train. This movie reminds me a lot of Snowpiercer. Both are apocalyptic, both take place mostly on a train, and both have similar themes.

The acting in this movie surprised me quite a bit, as it’s very good. The overall cast is great. In particular, Kim Soo-Ahn stands out as the daughter. She’s fantastic for a child actor, and is very believable. This movie is also surprisingly funny, both in dialogue, and in funny moments with zombies. There were times I actually laughed out loud at this movie. Unlike a lot of other zombie movies, Train to Busan actually has a good, satisfying ending.

There’s also a theme of whether to help others or yourself in this movie. The main character starts out selfish and really only caring about himself. However, as the movie goes on he starts to sacrifice himself for others. The main villain is the antithesis of the main character at the end. The villain is an older businessman who often uses others as zombie bait.

I really liked Train to Busan. It’s a great movie, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, thrillers, or foreign films, watch Train to Busan