Another Round Review

Another Round is a 2020 Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen. It’s a unique take on a midlife crisis, and it follows four teachers who decide to try and keep their blood alcohol content above .5% at all times, in order to prove a hypothesis by a philosopher. This movie has some excellent acting and presentation all around, and I hope it introduces Danish cinema to American audiences.

Another Round follows Martin, a Danish history teacher going through a loveless marriage, and a boring life. After a night of drinking with some friends, they all decide to try and keep their BAC level above .5% at all times. After a while, it starts to affect their life in both positive and negative ways.

This movie has a very interesting effect on the audience. In most films, we as viewers laugh at the actors, and the comedy happening onscreen. In Another Round, I found myself laughing with the characters. By using intense closeup shots of character’s faces, the audience feels as though they are almost part of the onscreen action. I’m sure not all viewers will experience this, but I definitely did. Additionally, the acting is absolutely phenomenal in this movie, universally. Not one actor is weak, and this movie also benefits greatly from the talented Mads Mikkelsen. Also, the presentation is excellent. Rather than shove information at the audience, this movie is very minimalistic. If a character dies, they show an empty boat. If there’s an affair, they simply mention they have to work late. It feels realistic and somewhat uncomfortable, which fits in it’s theme of mid life crisis.

Sadly however, this minimalistic presentation isn’t all positive. Because this movie  gives so little, it also muddled it’s own theme through ambiguity. Simply put, more so than others, this film is different for every person. The themes are extremely subjective, and there isn’t one concrete central message. Consequently, the film can feel at times, a little hollow.

Another Round is really a great film, even if some design choices hinder it. I’m confident this will win some awards and I hope this movie convinces some conservatives to expand their mind to foreign films.  

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