Blade Runner Review

Blade Runner is a 1982 film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Harrison Ford. It’s revolutionary both as a sci-fi film, and as a film in general. It follows a cop hired to hunt down rogue androids. Overall, despite some pacing issues, Blade Runner remains one of the best sci-ci films ever made, and a true classic.

Blade Runner follows Rick Deckard, a specialized form of a cop called a Blade Runner. His task as one of these cops, is to hunt down and “retire” rogue androids, called replicants.

This movie tackles some pretty tough concepts, in particular, what is a human. Often at times, the Replicants seem more “human” than Deckard. And they just want to do human activities such as to find jobs and live their lives. Harrison Ford is great here as Deckard, and he really seems to be questioning his jobs and morality throughout the film. Additionally, Rutger Hauer is fantastic as the villain, Roy Batty. His final monologue with the iconic “Tears in the Rain” line is unforgettable. I also absolutely loved the cyberpunk aspect of the film. The design and special effects are fantastic, and they still hold up even years later.

One thing about this movie that doesn’t hold up however, is the pacing. It’s absolutely terrible. Nothing happens for half the film and then the other is filled with action. The ending also comes out of nowhere it seems. It feels almost like a Kubrick film in that sense. The plot can also be very confusing depending on the version you watch, personally I recommend the theatrical cut as it’s the most understandable.

Overall, although it’s a confusing film at times, Blade Runner is a classic, and one that hold up surprisingly well even after all these years. It deserves to be seen, as it can be a polarizing film, but personally I loved it.

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