Inside Out Review

Inside Out is a 2015 animated film made by Pixar and Disney. It follows the story of a girl’s emotions as they attempt to reunite inside her head, and help her undergo a troubling time in her life. This movie has become a bit of a meme among those I know, thanks to my friend Alexa’s constant urging to review it. Finally, I’ve relented, and decided to review it.

Inside Out follows Riley, an 11 year old girl who moves from Minnesota to California. However, in the world of Inside Out, emotions such as Anger or Fear are personified within people’s heads, and the emotions run a sort of factory or command center, to determine their respective person’s course of action. However, when Riley’s emotions of Joy and Sadness get lost inside her head, Riley is left unable to be properly controlled.

This movie has an interesting world, and much of it is fleshed out. It’s quite entertaining to see and learn how various sections of Riley’s brain work, and how they correspond to her real life. Additionally, this movie appeals to audiences more than some of Pixar’s other films, as it’s grounded in reality somewhat, as opposed to their more fantastical films. Inside Out contains a message that usually isn’t seen among children’s movies, which is that sometimes it’s alright to be sad. Now while this may resonate with children, I’m not sure it will with all adults, the way that films such as Up or WALL-E have with their messages. Now that isn’t to say this movie isn’t emotional, as it has one of the saddest cartoon deaths, second only to the Iron Giant. If you don’t feel something when Bing Bong dies, you’re not human.

Inside Out contains a lot of annoying characters, even by children’s movies standards. Joy, Sadness, and Riley, the main characters, are all incredibly irritating, and frankly not even that likable, especially when compared with other Pixar protagonists, who are usually fantastic. This got on my nerves a lot, and I found it rather hard to like this movie when the characters drove me crazy.

Overall, Inside Out is alright. Although it has some unique ideas and memorable scenes, it’s not as good as most other Pixar films such as Ratatouille or The Incredibles. It’s merely okay. However I know this film has proven to be VERY popular among my friend group due to my lack of a review on it being turned into a meme. Well, until now at least. Regardless it’s worth a watch to make your own judgement on as it’s a polarizing film.

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