The Social Network Review

The Social Network's More Relevant Now Than When It Came Out

The Social Network is a 2010 film that follows Mark Zuckerberg as he creates and transforms Facebook. It stars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. Recently, we covered this movie on Cinemix, and we all loved it. It has a fantastic screenplay, some great acting, and it’s a compelling film overall. However, it does misrepresent some characters, and it “scapegoats” Sean Parker.

The Social Network follows Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard nerd who gets in trouble after creating a system to rank girls online. He then begins to work on “The Facebook” using money from his friend Eduardo (played by Andrew Garfield.) Later however, it’s revealed that Mark possibly stole intellectual property from the Winklevoss twins, and they sue him.

This film has an incredibly tight script, and as far as movies based off of history, this is a model template. Although it portrays some characters wrongly, many if not all of the events in the movie are accurate. Additionally, unlike some other historical biographies such as Lincoln or Alexander, this movie is actually very engaging. The characters are compelling and charismatic, and the acting is fantastic.

Sadly however, some of the characters aren’t necessarily portrayed rightly. Sean Parker, an early business manager for Facebook is completely vilified in this movie, whereas in real life there are many accounts that he was the opposite. Even Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed a little extremely. In this movie he’s shown as this complete loser who has no friends. In real life, while he was nerdy, he did get girlfriends and he did have a friend group.

Overall, despite some light (and admittedly somewhat necessary) dramatization, the Social Network is a fantastic movie, and will go down in history as a classic. Additionally, this role has ensured Jesse Eisenberg will play nerds in movies until the end of time.

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